Interview de bloggueuses : Kani, K is for Kani


 Aujourd'hui j'aimerais vous présenter l'adorable Kani, du blog K is for Kani, au style délicieusement vintage et féminin. Elle est une grande source d'inspiration, d'autant plus maintenant que je sais que son budget est tout petit ! 

Hi Kani! Can you present yourself and your blog? When did you start your blog, and what made you open one?

I started blogging January 6th 2010 this year (haha I only remember because it's also my friend's birthday on that day too :P) I started it to keep in touch with my love for fashion whilst studying a completely fashion unrelated double degree- Commerce/Law.

When did your blog become succesful, and, in your opinion, how?

Haha this question has completely flattered me! I don't really know! I don't even think it's thaaat successful there are tons of amazing bloggers out there! I just posted my outfits and I guess I gathered some lovely readers from my Lookbook account too.

I know you love vintage clothing: where do you find your best vintage pieces?

The absolutely best vintage pieces are from my mother's wardrobe! She's kept all her clothing since her twenties and you can find everything in there! What's better is that we are the same size so all the vintage clothing I get from here fits me perfect :)

Can you share your favorite eshops with us?

I love Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21's good too, Asos as well as the amazing Miss Patina and all the lovely independent vintage stores - an excellent way to find vintage items as they have already been handpicked out for you!

Do you read other blogs? If so, which ones?

Culliere a Absinthe & Liebe Marlene are my favefavefaves !

What's your fashion obsession at the moment?

Right now, scallops, silk/flowy dresses and tops, big floppy hats and platform wedges.. Jeffrey Campbell has recently got me drooling over his shoes and this is not a good sign.

How much do you spend on clothes every month?

I've no idea! I don't actually shop every month. I go shopping once every 3 months sorta thing, normally during the peak sales times. I like to shop like a guy, where you sort of walk in with a list of things you need and try to get out of the shopping centre as fast as you can :P I haven't been actually shopping (op shops don't count....) since mid year! But trust me, I don't spend that much :D Most of my clothes are vintage or just chain store pieces. Can't afford the expensive things with my minimum wage :P

What's your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Oohh why must I only choose one!!?? Can I say my dresses as one collective item? Cause I love dresses, they are so easy to wear and pair with other things. All you need is shoes and belt and gogogo!

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  1. C'est une super trouvaille! Ses tenues sont top! Merci beaucoup pour cette découverte : )

  2. Pour l'anniv à ton père : un GPS ?

  3. Merci beaucoup ! Son look est tellement original et chic ! Je l'admire ! Merci de partager cela avec nous ;)

    j'adore la tenue avec le short en jean et le colant à poids et je surkiffe tous ses couvre-chef <3

  4. Merci pour cette découverte, son style est vraiment super et elle est trop mignonne :)

  5. @ Anonymous : pas bête comme idée, mais il en a déjà un :( En plus, il se perd jamais ahah

  6. Je l'adore, je l'adore, je l'adore ! On s'envoie toujours pleins de papouilles virtuelles, je suis contente de voir que tu en parles ici <3

  7. @ Typhaine : en plus apparemment, elle t'adore aussi ;)

  8. merci pour la découverte, j'aime énormément son style et je suis totalement jalouse du fait qu'elle puisse fouiner dans les vieilles affaires de sa mère, la mienne à tout jeté... :(

  9. Merci pour cette jolie découverte. Je file de suite sur son blog!!! Ses tenues sont adorables.
    Ah c'est marrant je me suis offert il y a quelques jours les collants coeur qu'elle porte sur les trois dernières photos. Ils sont vraiment extras!

  10. Concours New Look sur mon blog. 5 x 2 bons à gagner !

  11. Elle est canon vraiment jolie, je ne connaissais ! merci ;)

  12. Très jolie, j'aime beaucoup! : )

  13. oh thankyou for the feature! <3 you made it look so pretty and colourful!

  14. oooh! merci ma belle!
    super découverte!


  15. I really love your blogger interviews!

  16. Whaou j'adore!!!
    Merci de partager cette petite perle avec nous!!!!

  17. Yaaaaaaaaaaah je l'adoreeeee !! Elle a vraiment un super style :) Chouette ITW !

  18. I give birth to read a few of the articles on your website trendy, and I unqualifiedly like your tastefulness of blogging. I added it to my favorites net age list and will be checking stand behind soon. Will contain out of order my orientation as well and fail me conscious what you think. Thanks.


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