Interview de bloggueuses : Madeline, from Jean Greige!


Hello ! Aujourd'hui, on découvre la merveilleuse Madeline, du blog Jean Greige, blogueuse depuis janvier seulement, mais déjà stylée comme une grande. 
Je trouve son style très inspirant, dans le genre bohème un peu grunge. Et évidemment, vous vous doutez bien que sa collec' de bijoux ne m'a pas laissé indifférente !


Hi! Today, let's discover Madeline, or Jean Greige, who's been blogging for only 2 months but who's as stylish as the most well known fashionistas. I LOVE her style, it's a huge source of inspiration for the upcomong spring. I even tried to make a turban out of her tutorial, but i kinda failed miserably. Oh well! Hope you'll like her as much as I do! 

Can you introduce yourself and your blog? How long have you been blogging? What made you start your blog?
My name is Madeline and my blog is The name Jean Greige is a reference to three different things. Jean is a reference to jeans and denim, which is a staple of any wardrobe, I think, and especially mine. Greige is a reference to "greige goods", a fashion industry term meaning the raw materials from which you make apparel. Jean Greige, all together, is a reference to Jean Grey, a character from the X-Men series. I think it says a lot about me -- I'm a total nerd who loves fashion and making things! I have been blogging for two months now. I started doing it as a New Year's resolution this January because I have always loved fashion blogs and I love to dress goofy and write about things.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I'm inspired by movies and music a lot. I grew up listening to a lot of punk, and I've always loved that look. Sometimes I'll try to think about what Debbie Harry or Lydia Lunch would wear. I really love the costuming in a lot of bizarre 90s movies, like Gregg Araki's Teenage Apocalypse trilogy. I also love looking at blogs -- I probably do that more than I look at fashion magazines lately.

Do you ever go out without jewellery? 

Never! I even sleep in some pieces.

Your jewel collection is awesome. I think most pieces come from the flea market, but how long have you been buying cool rings and necklaces like that? Are every pieces very expensive or what?

I always liked jewelry and wore a lot of kooky things, mainly tons of cheap necklaces piled on like Mr. T. A year ago I moved to LA and started working for Konstantino jewelry. I fell in love with the jewelry -- a lot of my jewelry now is Konstantino, which is on the pricey side. I have rings that cost over $1,000 that I wear every day. I like to combine it with jewelry I find at the flea market, though. My favorite flea market booth is a woman at Fairfax in Los Angeles who sells awesome rings for $5!

I HAVE to try your DIY Turbeanie! How many sweaters did you sacrifice before making it into your super cool Turban? 
Ha, I had to work a trunk show and I really wanted to wear a black turban with the outfit. I didn't have a black turban, though, and it was the night before at 10 pm. I looked online for ways to make a turban and found a tutorial for making turbans for teddy bears. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it gave me a rough idea. I grabbed an old black sweater from Forever 21 and just started cutting. I figured it out on my first try!

What's most important for you: style or comfort? (assuming we couldn't be stylish AND feel good in our clothes)
Style. I know that for some people, that's not practical. However, if I have the luxury of being able to choose style over comfort, I usually will. I love it when people look interesting and do something unexpected with their appearance!

Are you completely satisfied with your style or do you sometimes wish you'd wear something else?
Oh, I always see other bloggers and think, "I wish I dressed like her." Right now, my biggest complaint with my own style is that I'm all over the board. I feel as though I dress like a different person every day. I always try to have fun with my look, though, which is satisfying. 

Would you say your style defines your personnality?

I would say that it's the other way around: my personality defines my style. 

What's your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

Right now, my favorite article of clothing is my Catherine Malandrino leather jacket. I wear it nearly every day. It makes every outfit instantly better! 

How much do you approximately spend on clothes every month?

I probably tend to spend under $100. Most of my clothing comes from thrift stores or the sale section on online boutiques. I shop quite often, but don't spend a lot of money. I have a $30 rule: if I like something and it's under $30, I'm allowed to buy it, no matter what. If it's over $30, I make myself think about it for weeks on end.

What's your favorite movie / TV show / Book / band? 
I like a lot of quirky 90s teen movies and a lot of funny horror films. My favorite movies are probably Dead Alive, Nowhere, Empire Records, and Mallrats. I also like Woody Allen quite a bit. My favorite TV show right now is Fringe because I am a TOTAL dork and love sci-fi. My favorite TV show of all time, though, is a short-lived high-school show called Popular. It was created years ago by the guy who created Glee. My favorite band is a bit harder. Some of my favorite bands are T. Rex, The Smiths, and the Scene Creamers. 

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  1. She is my new favorite. <3 so happy you did this!

  2. Jolie trouvaille !
    Incontestablement une fille de goût, qui ne fait ni dans la facilité ni dans la simplicité.

    Je n'arrive pas à me faire une idée de son tatouage. La côte ouest des USA, avec en rouge son lieu de naissance ?

  3. j'avoue elle a un pure style, et des bijoux!!!... a se damner!


  5. Merci pour cette belle découverte !
    Et wouah quel style !!!!

    Belle journée, bises.

  6. Wouhaaaa ! ça c'est de la modasse comme on les aime chez les poupées de chiffons ! J'adore !
    La collection de bagouse est à se damner ! Merci Slanelle, un blog de plus à ajouter à ma blogo-balade quotidienne !

  7. OooOoo j'adore son style! Si seulement je pouvais m'habiller comme ça!

  8. Ouh super decouverte

    xoxo, Céline

  9. lovely outfit, lovely blogg madame!

  10. J'adore son style.
    Je lui piquerais bien quelques bijoux (un peu plus que quelques en fait) ^^


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