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Aujourd'hui c'est Ivania, du blog Love Aesthetics, que j'aimerais vous présenter. A seulement 22 ans, la demoiselle a déjà un fort sens du style et une créativité sans limite. Ce que j'aime, c'est qu'elle a beau avoir une imagination débordante, ses customisations sont toujours de bons gouts. Vous verrez, la branche peinte pour accrocher ses vêtements, c'est une idée merveilleuse, mais en plus magnifique. Je vous laisse découvrir une fashionista qui a la tête sur les épaule :

Can you present yourself and your blog? How long have you had a blog, and why did you start your own?
I’m a 22 year old aspiring fashion journalist/blogger/journalism student who lives in The Netherlands. I started blogging at the end of 2007, didn’t have a clear message back then, deleted all of my posts a few times to start over again. I started because it was a very interesting thing to me. I read a lot of blogs and loved these new platforms where everyone has a chance and voice no matter how small it is. I became immediately addicted to blogs that rebelled against the big fashion authorities by just expressing their own opinions. Becoming a journalist in fashion is my biggest dream and this seemed to be the perfect place to start.

What inspires you?
Renewing ideas, designs never seen before, artistic solutions, new views, modern ideas and real craftsmanship make me insanely enthusiastic. I become a bit obsessive even.  Also magazines! I have a obsession with magazines. Not necessarily fashion magazines but also interior, art, architecture and politics. And blogs of course !

Also my daughter inspires me a lot. She is 4 years old and doesn’t understand the concept ‘embarrassment’ or  social control, expectations, pressure yet. Her mind is completely free of these kinds of restrictions. I want to keep such an attitude and also want that to be reflected in what I wear.

You're very creative and often customize your clothes (I'm totally drooling over the amazing zipper jacket!) Where do you find your cool customization ideas, or, have you always been that creative? 
I’ve always been drawing and making things. But altering and making clothes started as a practical thing really. If I would have an idea for an outfit I wanted to wear that day but didn’t have the pieces of clothes. I’d just look in my closet for something I could alter to be that piece. I can be very impatient, and when I set my mind to something there is no way I’m letting it alone. So to wear something else and go shopping later isn’t an option. It started when I was very little already, if I needed a skirt, I’d just cut a dress in half. Simple as that. My mother is a bit of a hippy who is always in favor of self expression, she would always let me pick, alter, cut, make holes in, draw on my own clothes. 

What trend do you like and hate at the moment?
I love the entire tendency towards minimalism. Clean no fuss clothes where it is all about the shape, but not boring or plain at all.  (And thrift stores are packed with minimalistic pieces from the 90’s!) I think that’s the state of mind of many people too, no fuss and looking for durable solutions. 

I’m kind of dislike everything that becomes too hyped.(headband-turbans, embellished shoulders) When people start wearing something without a reason and just blindly follow what is ‘hip’. But then at the same time I will invalidate this statement because I believe everything can look good. Nothing is ugly. You can give something a complete new spin by wearing it differently as everybody else. 

How much do you spend on clothes every month?
Can vary strongly. Sometimes I only spend 50 euro’s in thrift stores and secondhand markets and come home with piles and piles of clothes. And sometimes I only buy one pair of shoes worth 400 euros.

Who's your favorite fashion blogger? 
Impossible to pick just one! I read a lot of blogs. Luxirare, Dead Fleurette, Vanillascented and fashionsphere are my favorites of the moment.

What's your best and worst experience linked to your blog?
The best experience is knowing that my posts are being read and that my content is being appreciated! And that I’ve started a dialogue, that people read my posts and think about them.

Haven’t had any bad experiences that had to do with my blog. Maybe the worst would be that 3 posts were completely copied by another blogger recently. Wasn’t a very original thing to do but it  doesn’t bother me. I believe information should be for everybody.

 I also really love your make up. Dark lipstick suit you so well. Where do you find inspiration for new make ups? 
Fashion shows, their backstage pictures and collection books. Make up finishes the mood that the designer wants to create. A dark pair of lips for example can really be the finishing touch to your outfit. I love making a monochromatic grey ensemble special with a few accessories, black lips and loose uncomplicated hair. And even within dark colors there are nuances, black can look very modern (À la Yves Saint Laurent 2008), purple almost witchrafty and a wine colored lip very sophisticated and polished.

What's your favorite brand? Who's your favorite designer? 
This season Chloe, Celine, Jil Sander and Jeremy Laing are my favorites! But I also love a lot from what’s coming from Scandinavia. Clothing brands I wear a lot are American Apparel and Cos.

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  1. je ne connaissais pas, merci pr la découverte ;) je file voir son blog

  2. J'adore son "portant" lol très original et classe !

  3. Elle me plaît bien (sauf avec les lunettes robocop de la 2ème photo !:)

  4. she has a great style. Nice interview.xx

  5. Son portant est vraiment très design, je comprends que tu craques! En tout cas, je ne la connaissais pas, je file sur son blog :)


  6. She's amazing!

  7. Ohlala, la chemise double est une pure merveille!! quelle créativité!

  8. Merci pour cet interview j'ai découvert un nouveau blog Awesome !

    Marie de

  9. Ah, merci beaucoup pour la présenter, c'est une des bloggeuses les plus créatives que j'ai jamais vues... <3

  10. Et là j'en envie de dire qu'on en prend tous de la graine ! :)
    Beaucoup de style...
    Merci pour cet article

  11. Merci pour la découverte! Elle est très créative!
    Et l'idée de la branche est vraiment sympa^^

  12. oooh belle découverte
    merci ma belle

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  15. ahhh super interview, I love her blog, it is so inspiring to see what she makaes out of simply clothes.

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    La nouvelle adresse du blog

  17. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel


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