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J'ai découvert le blog de Cindy il y a très peu de temps, mais j'ai eu un énorme coup de foudre pour son style complètement rock'n'roll, à base de pantalon en cuir, de sautoirs crucifix, ou de clous à foison ! Je suis ravie de vous faire découvrir (mais peut être la connaissiez-vous déjà?) une jolie fille très très stylée :

1. Can you introduce yourself ?

I'm Cindy, a 25 years old dutchie who lives near Amsterdam!

2. What prompted you to start your own blog ? How many people read your blog every day ?

It's just great to get in touch with other girls who share the same interest in fashion and clothes! And when you are always spending lots of time figuring out what to wear, you want people to show it and when you are just going to work or to your friends & family who don't really pay any attention to it, it's just nice to get compliments and opinions from girls who do notice and do appreciate the details and stuff!

3. Your style is very Rock. Has it always been this way ?

I think it has! I've always tried to find the balance in a edgy but still female look and when you mix that up with my love for black and leather it kind of gives a rock vibe to it!

4. Where do you get your inspiration ? Do you have fashion icons ?

I get loads of inspiration by other fashionbloggers, websites like chictopia, campagnes from new collections and by streetstyle photos of models!

5. How much do you spend on clothes every month ?

I really have no idea how much I actually spend and not sure if I want to know exactly haha! But my regular shops are Zara, H&M, Topshop etc. so it can't be that shocking!

6. What trends do you love / hate ?

I love the bold shoulders, leather look trousers, skirts & shorts (just love leather in every kind of way haha). And I can't get enough from sequines!

7. How do you walk in such high heels ? Please, teach me ! :D

Haha! It started when I was 20 - before I never had the courage to walk on high heels - and I took babysteps and 'climed' my way up there to the heels I'm wearing now! But I have to say, I can't walk that great on my Jimmy Choo heels yet!

8 . You have amazing hair. How do you do that ? If you use a magic shampoo, please share !

Haha, no unfortunately not! I do always backcomb my hair to get that extra volume! But besides that and using hairspray my hair lives it's own life and I always just hope for the best that it will looks nice and stays that way for the rest of the day! Haha! Sorry!

9. Who takes your outfit pictures ?

Haha, my boyfriend does! He don't always feel like it, but he will never turn me down! He understands how much I love blogging and that I need my photos to keep it up to date!

10. What are your favorite shops / designers ?

I'm a true Zara addict! I think 75% of my clothes and shoes are from ZARA! Haha! I also love to shop at Topshop, ASOS and H&M.

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  1. She's adorable! I love all her pointy boots.

  2. J'adore son style rock !! :D

  3. j'adore cette fille et son blog. Elle est super adorable, elle a un look que j'adule par dessus tout et elle n'a pas la grosses tête...en + de ça elle est magnifique

    bisous ma belle

  4. Elle est superbe cette fille, et son style est WAOUUU !

  5. Je suis aussi régulièrement son blog, j'adore aussi son coté rock!

  6. I also follow her blog :) Cute girl.

  7. Ô! WOW! WAOUH!! J'ADORE!!

    Je cours de suite sur son blog...


  8. love this interview!! she's awesome!! :)

  9. OMG ! Quel style O.O !! EXACTEMENT ce que j'aaaaaaaaaime :o ! Elle est super jolie en plus ! vite vite sur son blog !!!

  10. beside her style, she's adorable. she's smiles a lot which is great.

  11. jolie découverte!

  12. merci pour cette interview!!! je connaissais déjà son blog et je l'adoooore!! c'est un de mes blogs préférés!

  13. Ca a été mon énorme coup de coeur bloggesque aussi, depuis le jour où je l'ai découvert, je suis devenue accro de son style so rock, elle a une super allure sans en faire des tonnes, et ça j'adore !

    For Candy I love so much your style Candy, I'd love to meet you too :D

  14. J'aime bcp son style !!! J'aimerais tendre vers quelque chose comme ça mais avec une touche plus corporate (faut bien travailler qd même... snif)

  15. ouiiii je suis dingue de son blog, j'adore son style, et sa crinière de fouuu <3


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